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On 8 and 17 September 2021 the song “1966” was played on KNGU radio (Boulder Colorado) by DJ Andy Zicklin. Andy’s music programme can be listened to here. Highly recommended! His playlists with alternative and punk music contain real gems.

About Andy:

Andy was part of the San Fransisco punk scene from 1981 through 89, working at the Chatterbox, DNALounge, Paradise Lounge, Wolfgang’s and other Bill Graham venues. He also worked at KUSF and KQAK radio. [info taken from KNGU site]
Listen to “1966” on Andy’s show of 8 September 2021

News Article:

“De Assendorper”
English translation of excerpt from an article in neighbourhood newspaper ‘De Assendorper’ (14 October 2021):
Boys, is what they still were. But nice boys.’ Or so a free interpretation of the famous opening sentence of the story Titaantjes by Nescio goes. An image that surfaces when Harry Siers and saxophonist Jan Gerritsen are back in Assendorp. Partly to retrieve memories from their childhood years they spent here. A walk down memory lane. But mostly because of the release of the CD ‘The Artist’, a project that took Harry more than two years to complete, and to which childhood friend Jan contributed.
It’s an album based on fourteen poems by the British poet Philip Dawson-Hammond. Songs about the making of paintings and poetry, about a gondola ride, a small cemetery, and about Tom Waits, and Bob Dylan. Jazz, pop and blues. [Original Dutch text by: Hans van der Vegt]