The Making of ‘The Artist’

After reading a poem about Tom Waits on the internet I contacted the poet, Philip Dawson-Hammond, proposing to put the text to music. It was the start of what grew and developed into a full album containing fourteen songs, based on fourteen poems by Philip. Songs about a gondola ride, a haunted mansion, a painter’s atelier, a small cemetery, a flowery hill, Tom Waits, Bob Dylan.

The songs were recorded in the period May 2019 – May 2021, with the assistance of four great musicians from pop music and jazz: Zoli Soós (Drums), Bart Tarenskeen (Upright Bass), Jan Gerritsen (Saxophone) and Ratko Zjaca (Solo Guitar).
The album was mixed and mastered by Zoli Soós and Tom Tom Studio (Budapest)

The artwork for the album was made by Dutch design artist Alfred Marseille.